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Cultural estabilishments

THE CITY LIBRARY Vladislav Petković Dis

Address: Čačak,
Ul. Gospodar Jovanova 4
Telephone: +381 32 223 608, 342 755
E-mail: bdis@ptt.yu

Reputable Čačans gathered around the District Chief Milija Dragićević founded the "Association of Reading Serbo-Slavic Newspapers", on January 12 1848 by the old (Julian) calendar. That January 12 1848 became the forerunner of the subsequently founded Reading Place, then the Reading Room, the Bookstore, and the Library, the landmark stone to the temple of the printed word and knowledge. Successors of the association founded the Reading Place in 1860, and the event was sounded by bells from the Stracimir Endowment building and with mortar, demonstrating the significance and honour our ancestors showed for the book.

The Library bears the name of Vladislav Petković Dis, the founder of modern Serbian poetry, the author of "Nirvana", "Drowned Souls", "May be sleeping"...

Today the library numbers more than 140,000 books, and within the endowment safeguards a significant number of old and rare books. The library has about 5,000 regular members. In the last few decades it surfaced as an important publisher, and it is known even beyond the borders of Serbia for the poetry manifestation "The Spring of Dis" in honour of Vladislav Petković Dis and poetry. Guests of "The Spring of Dis" have been the most significant poets of the 20th century. The first "Spring of Dis" was organized on April 13 1964, when Branko V. Radićević was the orator in front of the Dis Monument.

National gallery

Čačak, Ul. Cara Dušana 1
Telephone: +381 032 222 169
E-mail: camuzej@eunet.yu

The National Museum of Čačak was founded in 1952. This establishment offers followers of monumental heritage several displays of of artefacts which bear witness to the tumultuous past of this part of Serbia. The displays are in the palace of Jovan Obrenović dated 1835. It contains finds from the prehistoric and Roman periods, the First and Second Serbian Uprisings, and the Liberation Wars of the Serbian People in the 19th and 20th centuries.
The museum engages in scientific research and archaeological works, as well as in restoration of valuable old artefacts. In its gallery it organizes exhibitions of significant cultural, artistic, and historic and ethnographic value. One of the activities of the museum is publishing, and it publishes its yearbook – a collection of works.

Art gallery RISIM

Address: Čačak, Ul. Gospodar Jovanova br.11
Telephone: +381 32 343 071

The Risim Gallery is an integral part of the "Nadežda Petrović" Gallery and represents the endowment of the Risimović family. In it is the permanent display of paintings of  Bogić Risimović-Risima, painter, poet and story writer, born in Čačak on March 14 1926.

Cultural centre

The Cultural Centre was established in 1971. From then until now the citizens of Čačak were very successfully presented numerous theatrical plays, concerts, exhibitions, literary evenings, and all that constitutes culture and art. Apart from those, an integral part of the program is education of the young. This is carried out through the following activities: The Art Studio of the Cultural Centre, Comic Strip Workshop and Animated Movie Workshop. The drama program is represented in two groups: the Drama Studio and the Acting Workshop, which has several groups of students of different age groups. They successfully realized a number of theatrical shows.
The Cultural Centre cooperates with the other cultural establishments, and other than the presentation of cultural and artistic programs, it engages in the organization of seminars, fairs, lectures, various debates, etc. Publishing activity is also represented. There are the culture and art periodicals ART 032 and Gradac (as co publisher with Art Association Gradac). The Bookstore "Branislava Maltez" operates Within the premises of the Cultural Centre, and contributes to the program with its activities.

ART GALLERY Nadežda Petrović

Address: Čačak, Cara Dušana 6
Telephone: +381 32 222 375
The Art Gallery "Nadežda Petrović" (founded in 1961)  is one of the oldest and most significant establishments of its kind in the country. The Gallery bears the name of Nadežda Petrović (1873-1915), a born Čačanka, the most important Serbian woman Painter in the early 20th century, who through her creative output introduced Serbian art into contemporary European artistic currents. The mission of the Gallery is the tracking of contemporary fine art production through exhibition activity, and the safeguarding of moveable cultural property through its collections:
    -Nadežda and contemporaries
    -Yugoslav fine art of the 2nd half of the 20th century
    -Contemporary Art
    -Commemorative collection of Bogić Rismović-Risima

The Gallery is in possession of 400 exhibits which are representative works of our art.
The best known manifestation organized by the Gallery is the biannual selection manifestation "Memorijal Nadežde Petrović", at which 500 artists and art groups exhibited until 2002 (the 22nd Memorial). The Gallery has at its disposal two exhibition spaces housed in two separate buildings within the old city core. The buildings are cultural monuments – town architecture from the early 20th century.


Address: Čačak,
Ul. Gospodar Jovanova 2
Telephone: +381 32 222 729

The archive sorts out, safe keeps, protects and publishes archive materials which bears witness to the layered economic, political and cultural past of the Moravički District. It is the publisher of the anthology of archive materials, the periodical "Izvornik". It organizes exhibitions of written testimonies and photographs from the past.