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Culture and art

This city traversed a long and thorny road from an anonymous settlement to a modern city of the 21st century. The live reality and power of the creative spirit were witnessed and shaped by people who sprang from this city, but were also taken under its skirts. Most traces were left by artists, writers, painters, builders, and from the earliest Iron Age, through the Middle Ages, to the the present day. The very face of the city, as seen in the facades, monuments, and cultural establishments, is the reflection of the artistic spirit of its inhabitants, and their love towards the beautiful. The best works of art about Čačak have safeguarded the particular atmosphere and spirit of this city.

The city has a rich supply of cultural content to offer. During the theatrical season there are numerous theatrical ensembles on tour from all of Serbia at the Cultural Centre. The Centre is also home to a Drama Studio, and schools of ballet, fine art and sculpture. Exhibitions, but also various performances, cultural and literary evenings are held at the "Nadežde Petrović" and "Risim" galleries. the National Museum, the Salon of Photography, the Inter-Municipal Archive, the premises of the City Library, the Pupil Centre, etc. Fine art and sculpture colonies are most often held at the Ovčar Banja spa resort...There are numerous cultural, musical, entertainment and tourist manifestations within the city and close surroundings, which attract multitudes of followers of ethno culture, original folk music, and other accompanying contents.

The current artwork production in the city can be followed through the auspices of various groups and associations (professional and amateur), private galleries, colonies and numerous enthusiasts.