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Economy of the Čačak city

The structure of the economy of the municipality of Čačak is composed of agriculture, industry, trade and services. Apart from agricultural production, also represented are paper production, electric home appliances, blade tools for the processing of metal, non-metals and wood, chemical industry products, thermal technical appliances, wood, metal and combined carpentry, parts and kits for the pharmaceutical industry and products for medical needs, processing of forest and agricultural products, etc.

Private enterprise, which has its tradition from back in the 19th century, is indeed the primary characteristic of the economy of the municipality. A large number of private companies grew into middle developed companies with 80 to 270 employees, and a wide spectre of products.

Private companies have their business associations as follow: business associations GRADAC 97 and UNIJA ČAČAK 2000, and apart from those there are also associations of craft shop owners.

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Community profile of the City of Čačak
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Procedure for issuing construction permits
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